Sometimes my profile for WordPress says my name is to be Purrman Meowville, and my image is that of a kitten in a top hat.  This is obviously not reality, it just satisfies my insatiable need for puns and baby animals.  I also have this awesome picture of a dog in a lobster costume, so sometimes I change things up and become David Pawster Wallace.  Go ahead and groan, but you know it’s funny.

My name is Cori. In my free time I am an aspiring writer, avid gamer, voracious reader, and connoisseur of all things Star Wars. I’m a sucker for trivia, expletives and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Nothing makes me happier than a brand new pen.

I also have this weird hobby where I take photographs of this toy dinosaur that I found, as if he were real.  My 4 year old nephew loves it, so I mainly do it for him, but I’ve been working on a children’s book about this dinosaur’s adventures.  His name is Danny.

Say hello to me on Twitter, @sassafra5 or, if stupid dinosaur pics are your thing, check it out @Danny_Rexx01 on Instagram.